Stanley Robotics and Lyon Airports form a partnership to deploy the outdoor robotic valet

Lyon Airports and Stanley Robotics have formed a strategic partnership to deploy robotic valet technology in large outdoor car parks. For the startup Stanley Robotics, this comes just a few weeks after announcing it raised 3.6 million euro investment.

Outdoor robotic valets: a world first in Lyon!

For the first time in the world, robots will park vehicles outdoors. For Lyon Airports, it is about offering Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport customers a simplified and totally different parking experience, while responding to the high rise in passenger traffic (9.5 million in 2016, up 9.8% compared to 2015). With this innovative technology, the car park will be able to accommodate 50% more vehicles. The robots can park vehicles close together without risk of damage, which means there is no need for more space. The result: a zero-emission car park that protects the surrounding land. Part of the push for innovation at Lyon Airports, this project was being deployed gradually from September 2017 in the long-stay P5 car park for Lyon Airports staff and the general public.

Less walking and time saved for passengers!

This new service will be a revolution for passengers. Automated parking means there is no need to track down a free space or walk all the way through the car park. Passengers will be able to quickly drop off their car in a spacious dedicated area, right at the entrance to the car park. On their return journey the car will be waiting for them in the same place, ready to drive away. This makes the car park a fluid and pleasant experience, saving time for the things that really matter.

A technology that is in demand all over the world

Since the first indoor robots were launched in February 2016, Stanley Robotics has enjoyed worldwide media coverage and been approached by car parks all over the world. For now, the company is staying focused on airport car parks (outdoor and long stay) because this is the market with the highest demand.

Characteristics about our robot:

Adapts to all vehicle types:

Our robot is able to handle all types of passenger cars, regardless of the vehicle’s size (provided that the maximum length does not exceed 6m). The robot’s power allows it to lift 3 tonnes with ease.

Completely autonomous:

Our robot moves independently and can adapt to the different hazards that may cross its path. Its different sensors allow it to understand its surroundings and adapt its movements accordingly.

Artificial Intelligence:

All of our robots are equipped with artificial intelligence, which allows them to optimise the space used within different car parks. Our algorithms are capable of organising the way cars are parked so as to gain additional spaces.

Outdoor technology:

Our robots benefit from advances in autonomous driving technology and are the first in the world to transport vehicles outdoors. They are resistant to poor weather conditions and are capable of factoring in their external environment.

How it works?

1)  Drop-off your car
No need to waste time any longer! Just drop the car off in our conveniently located designated area. You lock it, hang onto your keys and off you go!

2)  Stan takes care of your car
Once you leave, our automatic system Stan slides under the car and gently lifts it by the wheels. The car is then parked in a secure zone. Nobody gets inside your car, so your privacy is safeguarded.

3)  Your car is parked for you
Stan transports your vehicle to its parking spot and parks it for you. The car park is completely closed to the public and is secure.

4)  Stan returns your car to you
As our solution is connected to your plane ticket, we know when you are due to return. Stan takes care of returning your car to the pick-up point, near the car park entrance, so that it is ready and waiting upon your return.